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Borneo to Japan – Nov/Dec 2013

A few weeks after coming back from a stunning road trip of South Island in New Zealand, we were off to Borneo to see the Orang-utans, and for me to do a story on them and interviewing staff there. We had not been to cities like Kuching, Penang and Langkawi island so this was a good opportunity to knock them all off at once before heading over to the colder climate of a Japanese winter.

Kuching was a great contrast to the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. We spent the morning at Semengoh sanctuary for Orang-Utans and I was able to interview several park rangers, and able to photograph the feeding time up close. But thats for another story for a travel magazine:)

Coming back to Tokyo was a moving experience. It was one of the two cities I had first explored when I begun my traveling in 2007, and to see old and new places again was amazing! My biggest highlight was masquerading as a foreign photographer and wandered onto the Pit area of Mt Fuji Speedway during a regional race – Toyota Vitz Endurance Cup. I had always been fascinated with this legendary race track from watching it on TV and through video games such as Gran Turismo series. But to actually stand next to teams making pit stops and race officials poring over race data was a surreal moment!


On a beach in Langkawi, overcast day and poor visibility meant it was useless for diving or any underwater snorkeling shots!

MALAYSIA-JAPAN Dec 2013-00031



Messing around in the water with Diana, shot with the Sony NEX5N in an underwater housing half submerged.

Malaysia-Japan 2013-00030




Behind the scenes shot of feeding time for some Orang-Utans.





Back again, after 7 years since I was at Mt Fuji! Can you believe this was taken with my iPhone 5!? Use the canoes in the foreground to frame the volcano during sunset.

Malaysia-Japan 2013-1234




One of my trespassing shots in the Pits area of Fuji Speedway. Masquerading as a foreign journalist, I was able to sneak onto the pit area and watched several teams change drivers during the Toyota Vitz endurance race.

Malaysia-Japan 2013-2455



Track officials monitoring timing and conditions on their laptops. Nobody questioned me as I stood there without a badge during the race.

Malaysia-Japan 2013-2444




I love the camaraderie of the racing teams at Fuji Speedway. Here are a group of women handing out free hot food to team members and officials and grid girls during the cold winter morning!

Malaysia-Japan 2013-2438





If you know anything about cars, sometimes the parking lots of Japanese race tracks and drag strips is more interesting than whats being raced! There were plenty of awesome modded cars and quirky ones. But this is one of my faveourite. I had always been a fan of the FD RX7 and to see one that is a daily thrasher with street damage and all, made my day!

Malaysia-Japan 2013-2457




A ceremony at the Meiji-Jingu Shrine in Harajuku, Tokyo. A lot had changed here since I first came in 2007. New and upgraded walking paths and new buildings seemed to have slightly diminished its tranquil setting in the heart of Tokyo.

Malaysia-Japan 2013-00102




Someone famous having a photoshoot at the Meiji-Jingu shrine. We had no idea who we was but asked for a photo together anyway!

Malaysia-Japan 2013-00101

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