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NO VACANCIES – Abandoned resorts and projects in Da Nang, Vietnam.

I trespassed, evaded security guards, hid in unfinished luxury villas, and stared at the sad sight of empty infinity pools which were destined for the luxury holidaymaker. This is a side of Vietnam that the government did not want the world to see. Locations of failed investments, corruption, and ultimately heartbreaks and prison.

I have seen the dramatic growth and expansion of the coastlines around Da Nang and Hoi An every year, for the last four years. From monolithic resorts and hotels, to boutique and family operated businesses catering for every type of tourism possible. In the race for expansion during the midst of the global financial crisis – not every project became sustainable and many were abandoned or put on hold for an indefinite period of time. Thow in the usual corruption that is ubiquitous in Asia and parts of Europe, and suddenly dreams of grandeur, profitability and luxury became rusting metal and faded concrete blocks. Below are some images of a few resorts I managed to sneak into.

Asia-Central America 2013-5039 Asia-Central America 2013-5041 Asia-Central America 2013-5043

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