Out The Door in 2007

It was in February of 2007, when I first walked out the door in Adelaide and fell in love with Hong Kong and whatever else that beckoned me for the next 5 years or so. It really did take me that long to finally start putting words and meanings to the photos that I still hold close to me.

Some places I will always cherish, Siem Reap in Cambodia where we were exposed to the ongoing charity work of so many brilliant individuals and organisations. Hong Kong – where all our adventures seem to begin etc. So here I am, with some old memories before I maintain a regular update of my travel photography and anecdotes!

A Cambodian boy playing with a Vietnamese girl in the slums of Siem Reap. We were to return here for the next 3 years, and saw the progress and changes wrought by tourism and Christian missionaries in the area.

Cambodian children riding to English school in the countryside – Siem Reap, Cambodia 2010

Watching the Chinese National Diving Team rehearse, Water Cube, Beijing – China 2010

Forbidden Palace, Beijing – China 2010

Under-dressed for warmth in 2 degree weather, I stumbled upon a portrait session of a Japanese couple about to get married in Harajuku. The sombre and formal feel to it all is quite a contrast to years later, when I started doing wedding photography. Harajuku, Japan 2007

We were helping the missionaries look after the children, as many of the parents worked long hours at the local dump and farming in the countryside. A number of children had not bathed for months. Siem Reap slums – Cambodia 2008

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