Mongolia – The Gobi Desert & Grasslands

Eleven years ago, I was sitting in a hole at 2AM in the morning in the deserts of Broken Hill, Australia. I thought I had felt true isolation and loneliness and awe of this planet – but I was wrong. The Gobi desert swallowed up everything I had felt that night and reshaped my thinking and ideals of this world, and showed me how real isolation is. I was in the least populated part of the world. At the end of the world.

Mongolia will always hold a place in my heart. For its people are of a tough and resilient nature, yet hospitable with a smile that is always forthcoming.

This was a lesson in humility and life and self worth. It was where I met a girl who sadly told me that her dream is to one day see the ocean

Prepping the camels and supplies before we headed out into the edge of the Gobi desert


I really respect those that can sit on a camel for days and weeks on end. After only a day I could barely walk! Not the most comfortable when we are heading up and down sand dunes all day.


Camel – an invaluable asset and companion in all desert regions in the world!

Making a wrong shortcut which led through a muddy lake

The aftermath of the shortcut.

A Mongolian yurt in the Grasslands, albeit with a concrete floor as a permanent structure:)

One of the oldest parts of the Great Wall of China, dating back 2000 years old. The crumbling walls and watch-towers were constructed with clay and has not stood the test of time, when compared to the newer segments built from stone and bricks found in Beijing. The left side of the wall is China hence the new road, the right side is Mongolia.

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